City Services

There are many services available to Belleair Beach Residents.  To request any of the following, please contact the Administrative Assistant between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday by personal visit, fax, email or telephone.

City Hall is closed Saturday, Sunday and specific City holidays.

Requests can only be processed during City Hall business hours.


Parking Decals (Beach Stickers)

Parking Decals can only be issued to Belleair Beach residents.  This can be done by request via personal visit, fax (727.593.1409) or emailRequirements are a valid driver license and current vehicle registration. Renters must also supply a copy of a current, valid lease. Copies are sufficient. The parking decal can be mailed you at no cost. They are valid until December 31st.

Evacuation Re-entry Permit

These hang tags are used when an evacuation has been declared.  Use this to re-enter the City after officials declare it safe enough to check on your home.  Chances are you will not be able to stay in your home when the permit is needed.  Requirements are a valid driver license and proof of residency.  This permit is provided by Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to prevent looting, etc. during a disaster. There is a limit of 2 (two) per property.This can be done by request via personal visit,  fax (727.593.1409) or e-mail with the required information and will be mailed to you at no cost. They do not expire.

Community Improvement Administrator

Citizen Request forms are received by the City’s Administrative Assistant and directed to the Community Improvement Administrator. You may do this by personal visit, telephone, (727.595.4646) or by email.

Refuse/Recycle Collection

Questions, comments, or concerns regarding solid waste collection or recycling are initiated through the Administrative Assistant.  Contact can be made by personal visit, telephone (727.595.4646 ext 120 ) or email. Pick-up days for single family homes is Monday and Thursday. Recycling is picked up Friday.

On-Street Parking Permit (Only processed during regular business hours)

On-Street Parking is only allowed in the City after making a request to City Hall and having permission given.  NO Overnight Parking is permitted. This can be done by personal visit or telephone (727.595.4646 ext 120). The form is in a PDF format and can be downloaded below.  Complete and return via fax (727.593.1409), U.S. mail or by emailShould City Hall be closed when company arrives and you need on-street parking, please contact the Sheriff’s Office directly. The non-emergency number is 727.582.6200.

On Street Parking Request  (PDF Form)

House Checks (Only processed during regular business hours)

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office provides house checks when owners are away.  Requesting a house check can be done by personal visit, or telephone (727.595.4646 ext 120)  The form is detailed and does take some time to complete.  The form can be  downloaded below in a PDF format. Complete and return via fax (727.593.1409), U.S. mail or by email. In the event that City Hall is closed when you need to submit a House Check, you can call the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office directly at 727.582.6200 and give them the information.

House Check Request Form (PDF Form)

For your convenience the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Alarm registration form is below.

Sharp Form (PDF Form)

Garage or Yard sale permits (Only processed during regular business hours)

By Ordinance, residents can have 2 garage sales a year on two consecutive days.  Garage sales must get a free permit from the City.  You must come into City Hall for the permit.

Library Reimbursements

Belleair Beach does not belong to the Library Cooperative, but the City does reimburse the fees charged.  There are two (2) methods of reimbursement.

1. Pay the fee at the Library, (Clearwater, Largo or Seminole) bring the receipt and your driver license to City Hall, and fill out a short form for repayment.  The reimbursement check will be issued the following week.

2. Visit City Hall with your driver license and complete a short form to request a check to present at the Library of your choosing. (Clearwater, Largo, or Seminole) The check payable to the Library will be issued the following week.

You may still come into the office for LIBRARY service.   You will have to meet the identification requirements and provide a receipt if you paid for Library Services in advance. 

Street Light Repair

Duke Energy provides the repair of street lights in Belleair Beach.  The administrative assistant can report this for you or you can complete a form provided by Duke Energy.  You can contact the Administrative Assistant by telephone at 727.595.4646 ext 120 or by email to report the outage for you.  Please give as much detail as possible including pole number and location.

Lien Searches

As of March 1, 2013,  lien search requests must be accompanied by the $25.00 payment.  Our search includes City Ordinance Code violations and City Liens. Permitting inquiries must be directed to the Pinellas County Building Department.

The mailing address is:

City of Belleair Beach

Attn. Administrative Assistant

444 Causeway Boulevard

Belleair Beach, FL 33786