Proposed Morgan Park – Parking Lot Improvements

2650 Gulf Boulevard, Belleair Beach, Florida 33786

Language for Request for Proposals:

The City of Belleair Beach, Florida, is accepting sealed proposals for parking lot Improvements proposed at Morgan Park on Gulf Boulevard. Improvements includes removal / relocation of select existing parking lot infrastructure; construction of new parking spaces; seal coat existing parking area; new pavement markings; signage; and placement of sod. Contractor to furnish labor, materials, equipment, MOT, and perform all required work per approved Pinellas County Permit, Plans, and Specifications.

Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Guarantee [certified check, cashier’s check, trust company treasurer’s check, national or state bank draft, bid bond, or cash] in the sum of 5% of base bid price, payable to the City of Belleair Beach, which check, draft, or bid bond shall be a guarantee that should the bid be accepted, the bidder will, upon acceptance of their bid enter into a contract with the City of Belleair Beach for the services proposed and will furnish an acceptable contract surety. Contract performance, furnishing of materials & payment of laborers to be secured by Performance and Payment Bonds equal to l00% of the contract price are to be furnished by Contractor.

Bids submitted in a sealed envelope marked with the Contractor’s name & “SEALED BID FOR CONSTRUCTION – MORGAN PARK – PROJECT #1016-26″ may be mailed or delivered to the City Clerk, City of Belleair Beach, City Hall, 444 Causeway Boulevard, Belleair Beach, FL 33786, no later than 2:30 PM on 12/16/2016, at which time will be a public bid opening. Late bids will be rejected. City may reject any or all proposals and right to waive minor informalities.

Contact Deuel & Associates at for questions, bid documents, and instructions.