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Pinellas County’s Building and Development Review Services Department provides construction permitting and inspection services for the City of Belleair Beach.

The City’s Community Improvement Administrator processes NPDES Storm-water Preconstruction and Right-of Way Permits which are necessary to obtain a building permit for work that disturbs a significant amount of land.

For major construction, the following is the City’s Code as it pertains to the FEMA 50% rule.

Sec. 74-74. – Substantial improvement and substantial damage determinations.

For applications for building permits to improve buildings and structures, including alterations, movement, enlargement, replacement, repair, change of occupancy, additions, rehabilitations, renovations, substantial improvements, repairs of substantial damage, and any other improvement of or work on such buildings and structures, the floodplain administrator, in coordination with the building official, shall:

(1) Estimate the market value, or require the applicant to obtain an appraisal of the market value prepared by a qualified independent appraiser, of the building or structure before the start of construction of the proposed work; in the case of repair, the market value of the building or structure shall be the market value before the damage occurred and before any repairs are made;

(2) Compare the cost to perform the improvement, the cost to repair a damaged building to its pre-damaged condition, or the combined costs of improvements and repairs, if applicable, to the market value of the building or structure;

(3) Determine and document whether the proposed work constitutes substantial improvement or repair of substantial damage; and

(4) Notify the applicant if it is determined that the work constitutes substantial improvement or repair of substantial damage and that compliance with the flood resistant construction requirements of the Florida Building Code and this chapter is required.

Site Plan reviews by the City of Belleair Beach are required for the following permits:

  • New Construction
  • Additions
  • Pool
  • Demolition of building
  • Seawalls for height

In addition to a site plan review, N.P.D.E.S. and Final Approval by the City may be required.

To download the forms you may need for a pre-construction permit, they can be found here.

Click here to be directed to the City of Belleair Beach’s Municipal Codes.

For other types of building projects, please contact Pinellas County Building Departement at (727) 464-3888.

Click here to be directed to Sunshine State One Call of Florida. This organization coordinates utility line locates whenever you plan to excavate in the right-of-way. They can also be contacted throughout the State of Florida by calling 811.