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Rental Registration

Annual Rental Property Registration and Fee Schedule

Sec. 94-213. – Rentals. 

(a) Within RL district II, residential homes may be rented, leased or otherwise occupied through a rental agreement with the registered owner(s) on a periodic basis from time to time for not less than a three-month occupancy period. An individual portion of a single-family home shall not be rented, leased, or otherwise occupied by a rental agreement with the registered owner(s) on a periodic basis as a separate part of the family unit.

Sec. 54-62. -Residential Rental Registration Fee

(a) Rental property registration. Every property within Residential Medium District I, and Residential Low District II that is rented in accordance with the provisions of section 94-213 of the City Code, shall be properly registered with city hall, and property owners shall pay an annual registration fee in the amount set forth by a resolution of the city council for each year or part thereof the property is rented, which fee shall be paid no later than January 1 of each year. Failure on the part of a property owner to register the property or pay the annual fee before January 31 shall result in an additional assessment of $100.00. It shall be the responsibility of each property owner offering residential property for rent to register the name of each and every lessee and such other information as may be required by the city for each lease on the property.

Rental Registration 2023 

For questions regarding the registration forms, contact the Executive Assistant at 727-595-4646.

The forms are in a PDF Format and require Adobe PDF reader.

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