Public Works

The Public Works staff is comprised of Aaron Glanz, Grady Wright, Justin Lomerson, and Marvin Lloyd.

The Public Works Department provides work organized in the following areas:

  • Administrative, Quality Control and Public Relations
  • Beach, Intracoastal and Marina Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Parks and Public Areas Management
  • Repairs and Maintenance (Facilities, Fleet and Equipment)
  • Right of Way Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Collections days for refuse and recycle
  • Maintains the Marina boat slip contracts

Plan, schedule, support, inspect, provide quality control, and public relations services relating to all public works programs provided community-wide.

Public Works

To continually provide management and oversight of the City’s Public Works Department, ensuring the Department’s employees provide efficient, cost-effective, and high quality services to the City’s residents.


  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Quality workmanship
  • Public participation, involvement and community relations
  • Transparency


Ensure parks and public areas are kept clean, safe, aesthetically-pleasing, and outfitted with amenities supporting harmonious interactions between residents in a cost-effective manner.

To enhance the existing parks to make them each a point of public pride, recreation, and community interaction.


  • Aesthetic quality
  • Safety and accessibility
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Focus on user and community needs


Provide effective management of the City’s Rights-of-Way.

Improve service delivery through proper coordination, inspection, and planning for projects involving the City’s Rights-of-Way.


  • Support Utility Work
  • Inter-Organizational Cooperation
  • Maintain City Rights-of-Way

Solid Waste/Trash Pick-up

Improve service delivery through proper contracting and management.

Work that disturbs soils may require a stormwater permit which is provided through City Hall.

Provide effective and efficient solid waste collection and disposal.


  • Ease of handling
  • On-time and effective collection of wastes
  • Reduce contributions to waste stream
  • Provide cost-effective services

Current collections days are Monday and Thursday, with Recycle to be picked up on Wednesday for single family homes.

Contractor Information

Waste Pro of Clearwater is the City’s solid waste collection and disposal provider. Should you have any questions or need to schedule a special collection, please contact Waste Pro directly at the following:

Waste Pro USA
5170 126th Ave N
Clearwater, FL 33760

(727) 452-5278


Maintain existing waterfront facilities and consider expansion alternatives to meet the communities needs for waterfront amenities.


  • Provide high quality amenities primarily supporting use by community residents
  • Ecological sensitivity supporting the flourishing of wildlife and vegetation
  • Promote biodiversity
  • Coordination with universities, nonprofits, and governmental agencies in coastal research

Emergency Management

Provide our residents with an effective emergency management program addressing the areas of preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Belleair Beach as a coastal community is subject to frequent and serious storms and hurricanes. Being prepared as a city government is important to provide assistance to residents by providing community services before, during, and after a storm event.


  • Rapid deployment
  • Early and on-time public information
  • Effective planning
  • Preparation and mitigation
  • Cooperative action and operations with local municipalities and Pinellas County


Provide for the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

Improve safety, functionality, and aesthetics related to the transportation of vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and any other modes of transportation.


  • Safe road and bridge-related transportation
  • Safe pedestrian traffic
  • Aesthetically pleasing signage and community branding
  • Adequate street lighting
  • Proper maintenance of infrastructure

Provide for transportation and equipment needs for the City.

To provide cost effective transportation and equipment for quality service delivery.


  • Effective maintenance of facilities, fleet, and equipment
  • Cost-effective selection of facilities, fleet, and equipment over its life-span
  • Safe operations of fleet and equipment
  • Secure fuel supply and parts

Work in the City’s utility work and other work taking place in the right-of-way may need to be permitted. Contact the City’s Community Services Administrator.

When working subsurface visit Sunshine State One-Call of Florida or call for a utility locate by calling 1-800-432-4770 at least 48 hours before you dig but not more than 5 days. Have the following information ready when requesting utility locates:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Contact Person
  • Phone Number
  • Location of Dig Site
  • Extent and Type of Work
  • Date and Time of Excavation

Wait 48 hours for underground facilities to be marked. Respect and protect the facility operator’s marks.

City of Belleair Beach
Community Services Administrator
444 Causeway Blvd
Belleair Beach, FL 33786